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Heavenly Sewing Chair

  • Chair seat height adjustment control let's you sit at the best height to view your sewing needle.
  • Chair back cushion height adjustment control let's you position the built in lumbar support cushion at the optimal height to cradle your spine and relax your back muscles for hours of pain-free sewing.
  • Chair seat cushion tilt angle adjustment control allows the front edge of the seat cushion to drop down from a level position to a forward slant angle. You can easily control the amount of seat slant. A downward slant position is preferred by some sewers and quilters as they lean forward to get a better view down the needle.
  • Chair back cushion angle adjustment control provides a full range of support including the capability of tilting  forward of vertical to keep your back pain-free even when you lean forward at your sewing  machine. No other chair was designed for sewing posture.
  • Fully upholstered back cushion in your choice of over 100 fabrics means real quality and a great looking addition to your sewing room.
  • Wrap-around foam on the back cushion helps prevent fabric splitting and damage to room walls.
  • Heavy Duty gas lift cylinder is warranted for up to 425 pounds for a 40 hour week for the lifetime of the chair.
  • Newly designed molded five spoke chair base for stability and support provides good floor clearance
  • Dual wheel Euro-Style casters for better weight distribution and stability.
  • Excellent Limited Lifetime Warranty assures you years of trouble-free comfortable sewing and enjoyment.

Plus a large selection of Chair Options to make this the chair of your dreams.

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